About Us

Our Philosophy
The Village Gardener’s vision of a sustainable future means our children and grandchildren will be living in a world that cherishes human creativeness, diversity, and personal choice. Businesses will responsibly use human and material assets without devaluing the honor of the individual or the planet’s bionetwork.

All actions in nature and in our daily work have consequences. Planning, imagination, forethought and hard work allow us to partner with nature so that the impacts of these consequences are probiotic.

The Village Gardener has taken the first steps by changing conventional landscaping thought into a more ecological vision of how we view the relationship between nature, the environment and ourselves. Our gardens and how they are managed value the proposition that responsible use of products in our gardens affects the global biosphere.

We respect life at the local level and assume our share of responsibility for preservation of our Earth.

Our Core Values

  • Reverence and stewardship for the earth.
  • Devotion to ethics, integrity, honesty, excellence and craftsmanship at all costs.
  • A holistic approach to clients and staff.