Special Services

Compost Tea Program
Compost Tea is an aerobically brewed concoction made from brewing compost, which consists of green and brown garden debris, with water. This living brew is filled with millions of healthy creatures in the form of soil biota. Aerated with oxygen, compost tea contains very low levels of pathogens and very high levels of beneficial bacteria.

Because it contains living organisms, compost tea must be applied quickly, typically within ten hours of when it has finished brewing. It is sprayed directly onto soil, plants or turf. Learn more about the benefits of compost tea in Dr. Elaine Ingham’s article, Brewing Compost Tea.

Repairing And Installing Irrigation Systems
One of the major reasons plants decline or fail to thrive in the landscape is because they either aren’t receiving enough or are receiving too much water. This can commonly be traced back to a problem or failure in the irrigation system.

In addition to our maintenance services, we also provide irrigation services to tackle any irrigation issue or problem that may be affecting the landscape. We make the recommended repairs needed to bring your garden back to life.

Mulch Program
Mulch is anything that covers the topsoil to help retain water and suppress weeds. Commonly consisting of bark and twigs that have been applied on top of the topsoil, mulch can also take the form of leaves that have fallen in the autumn or over the course of the year. Mulch serves to retain moisture in the soil, lowering the overall waters needs of the landscape and therefore your water bill as well. As it slowly breaks down over time, mulch provides nutrients and organic material to our predominantly clay soil. It is a way Mother Nature recycles her natural resources.

We can add several inches of mulch to your garden beds upon request or by adding you to our list of clients who get mulch delivered and applied to their garden once or twice a year on a regular basis. Please contact us to discuss the options for your garden.

Special Event Services
If you are planning an outdoor event or party and need some special attention paid to your landscape or hardscape, The Village Gardener can assist. From special pruning and clean up to stone power washing, to hanging lights or installing landscape lighting, to creating color bowls and much more. Please give us a call to discuss the needs of your specific event.

Flowers Through the Seasons

If you would like to add more color, texture, drama, seasonal interest or a focal point to your landscape, here are some programs we have at the Village Gardener that may be of interest.

Seasonal Flower Changes With Annuals
This program is what we call our “Seasonal Flower Change”. Twice a year we plant annuals in specific beds of your landscape – once in the warm season and once in the cool season. This gives you added color throughout the year and is a fun way to change little corners of your landscape from time to time. There are many, many kinds of annuals and combinations to choose from. Quite a few of our clients already enjoy this extra service.

Custom Designed Container Gardens
A container garden may be just the added emphasis a corner of your garden or patio needs to really bring out its beauty. Village Gardener designs, installs and maintains custom container gardens for your landscape. We will create the container with your particular landscape or desire in mind – a one-of-a-kind point of interest.

Seasonal Bulbs
A third way to add more color to your garden is by planting bulbs in your garden beds. There are bulbs for every season… Bulbs are delightful, because they are always such a surprise when after a gestation period in the ground, all of a sudden – as if by magic one day you have a field or corner of color pop-up where there was none before. We can plant bulbs so that you have color popping up in every season… It’s another great way to brighten up your garden.