A Holistic Approach

Landscape Management – A Healthier Approach
Using a holistic approach to Landscape Management, we look at the whole picture of each individual landscape. We have the experience, knowledge base and resources to find the source of problems or potential problems and the solutions for them – rather than applying a patch to an existing problem that will re-occur or cause more havoc down the line. Our work is based on our desire for excellence and our concern and care for people, plants and the environment – using organic methods wherever possible and always using the least toxic, preferably non-toxic solutions. We love what we do and believe that reflects in our work.

On-going Education of our crews and staff is a vital part of our work environment. On-going research on new plants, products, and methods that are effective, yet non-toxic in the landscape and to the environment is a mainstay of our company, thereby helping us keep our finger on the pulse of the newest innovations in the green industry.  This is all in line with our company’s core values and the recognition of responsibility toward our clients and the environment.

Our Process
When you request Landscape Management services from the Village Gardener, we will set up an appointment with you to visit with you and see your landscape. During that visit we will find out what services you are looking for, specific areas of concern or focus and we will walk your landscape with an eye for what is needed to care for your particular environment. We will then make recommendations and determine a price for weekly service. Each landscape is a story unto itself and needs specific care – we do not take a cookie cutter approach to the care and maintenance of your garden. It is our true pleasure to be a resource for our clients’ landscaping needs and questions.