Our Process
The start of any successful landscape project must begin with a good design. Meet with a designer or landscape architect and come up with a plan for your garden. They will present their design to you for review and approval. Once you have a design, here is a general outline of what to expect during the construction phase of the work:

  • First, we do a walk thru of your existing landscape to see what we will be working with. We will be looking for things to take into consideration such as drainage, irrigation, etc., types of plants that will suit your gardens conditions, etc.
  • Complete an estimate of the work needed.
  • Estimate accepted by client.
  • Work is scheduled based on our construction schedule at the time.
  • During the project, our staff will meet with you and let you know where we are in the process and what comes next. Depending on the scope of work the job can take a couple of weeks to months.

Following a successful construction project, our Landscape Management Manager will put together an estimate for monthly maintenance services through the Village Gardener. Please read about our philosophy of Landscape Management.

When you hire the Village Gardener for landscape management after your construction project, you receive as an added benefit the extension of our plant guarantee from three months to a full year. We can do this because we know we will give your garden the very best of care.