Landscape Construction Services
We provide a wide variety of construction services using the principles of sustainability wherever possible. Here are some of the possibilities. Please call us to discuss the specific needs for your landscape.

The term ‘hardscape’ refers to the part of your garden consisting of structures made of hard material. Hardscape materials can range from concrete, brick, flagstone, wood, various kinds of walls, fencing, terracing, seating, stonework and water features.

The term ‘softscape’ refers to the soil, plants, trees and turf.

The way plants and trees are watered is very important to the entire health of your garden. Too little, too much or incorrect irrigation can be the cause of death, disease and unwanted pests. We can repair and retrofit an existing system or start from scratch and design a system that will meet the needs of your garden.

Water Features
Do you enjoy the sound of trickling water over rocks? Adding a water feature to your garden adds a wonderful dimension involving several of the senses. It attracts beneficials to the garden as well. Whether it is a rock waterfall, a pond or a pot converted to a fountain, consider including a water feature in your landscape design.

To really show the beauty of your landscape and at night, lighting is essential. The final step for the perfect landscape is to accent it with light. It literally adds a whole new dimension to your garden, bringing effects anywhere from the dramatic to serene to magical. Is there a specimen tree in the backyard that could be lit up, a pathway, sculpture or water feature? When the time is right, we will bring out a display for you to see just what your garden can look like at night. You will be amazed at the results.