Client Testimonials


I have worked with The Village Gardener for over five years and have found their service to be very professional. They installed our garden and two of our neighbors and maintained those and several more that I am aware of. They are knowledgeable, do excellent work on time, on budget and at a fair price. I highly recommend them.

         John E. 

Palo Alto, CA



Village Gardener is a professional high end gardening service. From the maintenance crew through the management team they are comprehensive, thorough and responsive. They anticipate and take care of issues proactively. I look forward to seeing the crew each week as they efficiently deal with the usual requirements as well as special needs of our beautifully landscaped and cared-for garden. Our home’s landscaping has never looked better and is a delight for family, friends, and neighbors.

David K.
Atherton, CA



I have had the good fortune to hire the Village Gardener for just over a year and a half. During that time, they have transformed my life-less garden into a cornucopia of earthly delights. If you desire a worry free, thriving garden cared by a dedicated, reliable, and well-educated team, then the Village Gardener is for you. Call them today, I guarantee they will not disappoint.

Patti S.
Atherton, CA


Woodmark Palo Alto 1

In 2008 Woodmark was unhappy with our previous landscaping contractor. After completing a walk-through and evaluation, Dee Wong from The Village Gardener produced a comprehensive plan. The Village Gardener clearly understood landscaping issues well. They were concerned with good soil maintenance and water usage.

Since 2008, The Village Gardener has been responsible in their communication to the Woodmark community, in their appropriate handling of emergencies, and in their respect for our Homeowners Association budget. They have provided appropriate plants and shown an artistic understanding of how to prune. They are wonderfully nice people to work with, very quiet and respectful. We highly recommend the Village Gardener.

Barbara S.
 Woodmark H.A.