Spring Flowers


Colors: Blue, White, Pink

Blooms summer through fall

This plant does best in filtered shade in hot climates and full sun in mild summer areas. Used as a border plant; looks great as a border to yellow marigolds.

Alyssum Allure RoseAllysum

Colors: White, Lavender pink, Violet

Blooms almost all year; looks best in spring and summer. Easy, easy, easy! Blooms from seed in about a month to six weeks. This flower loves the sun. Used as an edging, filler in annual beds and rock gardens; looks great between stepping stones or flagstone. Clip the plant in half a month after it starts blooming for a more compact plant.




Colors: Yellow, Orange

Blooms from October to March; will take the cold.

Do not overwater; Susceptible to powdery mildew.


Colors: All colors but blue

Plant Dahlias in full sun, give them plenty of water and fertilizer. The “trick” with dahlias is to never allow them to stop growing. If the wood hardens they will not bloom. Any interruption in water will cause the plant to be damaged. They also like to be mulched. Dahlias can be used as a specimen plant, as a hedge, as a border, or as a background plant because of the numerous varieties and types.

daisy-patch-103k0k7Daisy (Paludosum)

Colors: White

Blooms best in cool weather; fall through winter.

This plant looks like Shasta Daisy except the Paludosum daisy will remain small and compact. This plant likes sun, water, and shows better when it is fed regularly.


Dusty Miller 

Colors: Silver grey

Grown as an accent plant to accentuate the colors planted around it. The flowers are yellow. The plant can be in sun or shade. Shear it occasionally or the plant will become leggy.


poppy_iceland_meadow_pastels_2Iceland Poppy

Wind and rain blasts apart the blooms; plant in a protected area only; use as an accent plant; has short lived blooms.








Colors: Scarlet, Pink, Rose, Violet, White, & Orange

Will tolerate most soil types if given enough water. They grow best in partial shade.






Colors: Blue, Violet, Pink, Red

Likes the sun in mild areas or filtered sun in hot summer climates. Easy to grow





Colors: Yellow, Red, Orange

There are so many varieties, sizes, and color mixes of marigolds ranging from the dwarf (6″) to the tall (28-30″). Marigolds love sun, water, and fertilizer. One of the easiest and showiest plants in the garden. It can be used as a border, a main planting, an accent planting, in containers.



Colors: Blue & White, Black, Rose pink, Canary, Flame, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Scarlet, Silver, White, Red bicolor, Crystal Bowl mix.

This plant is a long-lasting bloomer if given the proper care. Should be fed regularly. Will survive the cold much better than violas, but does not tolerate heat too well.


Colors: Soft pink to bright Reds, Blue to Purple, White, Yellow, Creme.

Watch your water with this plant. Check the soil with your hand because the plant will exhibit the same symptoms when it is dry and when it has too much water. Most people overwater this plant. Loves the sun and loves to be fed.