Color Bowls

Need to spice up a patio table or that corner of the deck for that soiree that you are having? Well, a quick way of doing that is with color bowls. With the availability of larger-sized plant material, you can have a quick blast of color by mixing and matching different plants. You can mix colors, textures, and sizes to put together that perfect combination. Planting is easy. Find yourself a planter that you want to use. Let us say that we have a neglected 16” terra cotta in the back of the potting shed. Place a broken piece of pottery over the drain hole to allow the water to exit and the soil to stay. Place a 1-gallon or 6-inch plant of your choice in the center, surround it with 4-inch plants, and then add some six pack material that can trail over the edge. A large blooming chrysanthemum in the center surrounded by blooming pansies would look great for the Thanksgiving table. Fairy primrose surrounding blooming narcissus makes a wonderful hostess gift. The fragrance of blooming narcissus will fill the room, and the blooms are stupendous.